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About Us

Delta Remedys is an American company dedicated to the production and distribution of only the highest quality Delta-8 THC edibles. Unlike other edibles made only with cannabidiol or CBD, edibles made with Delta-8 are shown more and more to provide numerous mental and physical health benefits. Delta Remedys believes in the power of cannabinoids including Delta-9, Delta-8, CBD, and the hundreds of others that make up today’s growing edibles market. We’ve chosen to focus on Delta-8 because of the potential it holds as an alternative therapy treatment for a number of ailments, as well as its positive effects on mental clarity and focus.  

What is Delta-8?

While CBD infused gummies have taken over the edibles market, Delta Remedys’ gummies contain Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, a mildly psychoactive compound that is being touted for having numerous benefits with less of the negative side effects that can come from consuming other forms of THC. It used to be to you would have to go into a shop to buy THC edibles. Delta Remedys has made it is easy to buy THC gummies online. Our dedication to making superior products is matched only by our commitment to provide seamless transactions, fast shipping, and stellar customer service.

Why are Delta Remedys’ gummies better than all the rest?

When you buy CBD products online, you can expect to come across a wide range of products with different formulas, dosages, and flavors. At Delta Remedys, we wanted to focus on one product and make it the best it could be. That product is the D8 gummy. When you search D8 gummies for sale, it can be tempting to go with the brand that has the highest dose or the largest, most varied online shop. We believe that by focusing on the formulation of our product, we can provide you with the best experience and a product that will never let you down. Our third-party lab results are available online so you can see exactly what goes into our products.


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