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If you've just discovered delta 8 THC, you're probably as intrigued as we are to find out why all the fuss is being made about it. Actually, you may be thinking of a few queries right now. So, stay with us, and we'll fill you in on all the details of this hot commodity. A lot of people are interested in delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol (and THC-O) because of its similarities to delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (the "high stuff" in cannabis). Let’s find out why is that so?

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In the recreational cannabis industry, delta-8 THC is a popular topic. We all are well aware of the definition of marijuana (or medical marijuana) but delta 8 is a new thing for body buzz.

It's a minor cannabinoid compound in cannabis that produces a milder high than standard THC. There is a limited quantity of delta-8 in medical cannabis for medical treatment. Also, it is frequently synthesized from other chemicals like CBD. Those who haven't already heard of it will likely do so in the near future.

It has been scientifically proven that when Delta 9 THC cannabis is heated (using an appliance like a lighter or an oven for recreational cannabis), it changes into Delta 8 THC as a different hemp product. This happens because a chemical link between the THC molecule and the prenyl chain is broken during the chemical reaction.

It causes the THC molecule to undergo structural change during the chemical reaction with some noticeable effects. Because of this, Delta 8 THC stands out among other cannabinoids found in cannabis oil concentrates. The high-dose experience it provides is amazing in its own way.

Let's get straight to the real question:

Is it Possible to Get High by Taking Delta 8?

To get high, some people have shared their safety concerns. They asked if Delta 8, as a psychoactive compound, is safe, or if there is another alternative to cannabis. It varies from person to person and has different reaction times.

Actually, it does make you high, albeit a less intense high than Delta-9 THC products. In contrast to the euphoria typical of other Indica strains of marijuana, this one typically causes sleepiness along with pain relief. But make sure not to buy cannabis products from any random gas station for quick pain relief. The results might get wrong and adverse effects will be common.

Statistically, Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC are identical, with the exception that Delta 8 THC doesn't provide as strong of an intoxicating effect. It is more towards milder effects with many other potential benefits.

This is because its ability to bind to the brain's cannabinoid receptors is weaker than that of more commonly used cannabinoids, making it less psychotropic as per the definition of marijuana. But you don't have to worry about any adverse effects in this case.

What is Delta 8 THC?

In addition to delta 9 THC, recreational cannabis and hemp naturally contain well over a hundred other cannabinoids with additional chemicals and different chemical bonds, including delta 8 (D8). There is a difference between cannabis and hemp with different reaction times. Because of their similar molecular structures, delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC cannabis can be thought of as chemical cousins (due to their near-to-similar chemical structure) without any adverse effects.

The great majority of the variance in THC molecules and their reaction times can be attributed to the positioning of a single link among their constituent atoms. The double bond in d8 is located on carbon 8, while in delta-9 it is on carbon 9.

Similar therapeutic actions, medical treatments, reaction times, and binding to CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain and CNS are observed according to the body weight. So there is no way you are putting your health at risk by using cannabis.

This indicates that, albeit to a lesser extent, the psychedelic effects of D8 are similar to those of cannabis but without any negative side effects. That is why you see a major increase in the marketing of products, majorly cannabis-derived products, that are coming from the pure cannabis plant.

It is the better option for people. Although Delta-8 is not as psychoactive as standard THC, it can nonetheless produce euphoria.

Some estimates place delta-8's potency at 75% to 50% that of delta-9-THC and pharmaceutical drugs, the form most commonly used. Peter Grinspoon, a cannabis-derived products expert, told the authorities that even though the cannabinoid is less well-known, it may still get you high due to additional chemicals. Credit goes to its psychoactive properties and lack of adverse side effects.

Grinspoon, a primary care physician at Harvard Medical, remarked, "It's less strong, but that doesn't mean it makes you any less euphoric." To paraphrase, "you can't dispute that beer makes you less intoxicated than vodka. It all depends on the reaction time and dose experience"

In comparison to delta-9-THC cannabis and pharmaceutical drug with good ounces of Marijuana, delta-8 is almost indistinguishable with its unique therapeutic benefits; the only difference is the placement of one chemical link and the molecule's body weight.

The structural difference between the famous cannabis-derived product, delta-9, and hemp-derived delta-8 THC product may account for delta-9's less potent effects. But at the same time, more therapeutic benefits to public health, despite the fact that both chemicals activate your endocannabinoid system without any adverse experience on the body buzz due to major ounces of Marijuana.

How Soon Before You See Results from Delta 8?

The effects of Delta 8 THC products on the body composition typically kick in quickly, within the first 15 minutes of taking this hemp plant extract. But it might be different from person to person. Some people may feel uneasy or worried since the early effects of using synthetic cannabis are so much more potent than those of using conventional THC.

The effects of delta 8 THC products may last longer than the initial two to three hours in terms of psychoactive effects. As the best option for people, it tends to stay in the system for longer than regular THC for better health effects.

How Does a Delta 8 High Exactly Feel?

Although similar to THC in its intoxicating effects, Delta 8 has its own unique profile with therapeutic benefits. The effects of Delta 8 could hit you quickly, and initially feel considerably more potent than those of ordinary THC. The initial surge is powerful on the body composition and mental health, but then it fades into a pleasant calm.

If you're used to standard THC products, also without any adverse experiences, you may also notice an increase in energy after using Delta 8 products. This feature of Delta 8 is appreciated by many, but some may find it overwhelming by assuming it is an illegal drug.

As with any other cannabinoid, those who are inexperienced with cannabis or THC products will respond more strongly to Delta 8 THC experiences with some random short-term memory issues. Any beginner or inexperienced consumers at risk will think negatively when it comes to adverse reactions to this chemical compound.

It's also a good idea to avoid driving if you've recently stopped using cannabinoids like cannabis or Delta 8. You might face memory loss or loss of consciousness for a while. The panic attacks are often mild but exist.

Delta 8: What are Health Advantages?

Medical studies have linked hemp-derived delta-8 THC products to a variety of positive effects, including reductions in anxiety and inflammation among the other health effects. The primary positive effects of using Delta 8 THC products on your health and body composition are discussed below:

Soothing Effects

Delta 8's ability to calm anxious feelings is one of its primary medical uses. If you're looking for a cannabinoid to help with your anxiety, Delta 8 is one of the safest options. But make sure to take it in moderate quantities as excessive use might cause memory loss. The soothing effects, as per some of the participant reports, also induces insomnia relief in the experienced users.

Calming Inflammation

Delta 8 THC experiences have anti-inflammatory effects that are beneficial for the whole body of experienced users. There is no adverse event report in this case so no need to use any alternative to cannabis. The anti-inflammatory effects of delta 10 THC are also famous under the legal definition of cannabis.

Curbing Your Hunger Pangs

Delta 8 is popular because it reduces hunger pangs, a side effect for which it is often used. If weight loss is one of your goals along with insomnia relief, or if you're just trying to eat healthier, this is a big help according to many participant reports.

To What Extent does Delta 8 have Negative Consequences?

A number of potential negative reactions and adverse event reports have been linked to the overdose of Delta 8 THC effects. Some experienced users may experience some discomfort or memory loss from these effects, but they are much less severe than those of typical THC with heavy metals.

Empty Sense of Taste

Delta 8's most prevalent side effect is dry mouth (cottonmouth) along with short-term memory in some cases. In addition to excessive drooling, you may experience dry mouth due to this cannabinoid's side effects common in the cannabis industry. This is reported as per one of the authentic participant reports.

Vision Wounds

Some users of Delta 8 THC experiences also reported experiencing bloodshot eyes with memory loss in extreme cases of negative effects. Because of this, the person may end up with bloodshot eyes and an obviously distressed expression.

The majority of users won't be disturbed by the possibility of bloodshot eyes, but that won't be the case for a minority. Some might also face short-term memory issues but these cases are very rare.

How do you Choose the Right Delta 8 Product?

Although there are a few distinct CO2-based ways for extracting delta 8 dry weight from raw cannabis in a controlled environment, most delta 8 THC items will be laboratory-extracted using ethanol without any age restrictions.

Many manufacturers also extract additional cannabinoids, like cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN), using alcohol in an area near to critical care unit. But at different temperatures with expressions of concern. The end product of the hemp industry is often used in cancer treatment.

Products on the market today, like Delta 8 THC effects, CBD gummy bears, and CBN, all use this similar approach to selectively isolate individual cannabinoids before recombining them for packaging.

Where to Buy Products with Delta-8 THC

However, we are not blind to the fact that D8 products can be appealing and practical with expressions of concern as a legal alternative Accordingly, Delta Remedys consider it our obligation to supply a trustworthy brand that will guarantee your safety and contentment.

Exactly where can one get some delta 8?

Multiple authentic sources like Delta Remedys can provide you with Delta 8 users, Delta 9, or Delta 10 THC. However, many of the sellers are not trustworthy and employ questionable tactics in conducting business, which might put you at risk of facing legal and health issues if you chose to do business with them.

Delta Remedys has been carefully researched and is the brand we recommend because they offer a wide variety of high-quality THC products that have received rave reviews from customers. We have sampled much of their offerings and can confidently direct you to their online store to get some amazing medical benefits for all body sizes and body chemistry.

Delta-8 THC Strains

Delta-8 THC strains are often ordinary CBD strains that have had Delta-8 THC sprinkled on them without any adverse events. Thus, it can be concluded that no THC-rich D8 genotypes exist in nature.

Among the CBD strains available in D8 form are;

  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Sour Space candy
  • Cherry Abacus

Many retailers rebrand their CBD strains after spraying so that customers. So don't confuse them with the more mainstream Delta 8 variety. Skittlez is the common name for Lifter in D8, while Wedding Cake is the name for Bubba Kush.


Overall, Delta 8 THC is a remarkable cannabinoid with numerous therapeutic and euphoric advantages. Delta 8 is one of the most widely used cannabinoids since it rarely has negative effects like memory loss, even at high doses. Delta 8 is an effective medical cannabinoid that does not produce a strong intoxicating "high" experience.

If you can't get your hands on any delta-9 THC or if the high is too intense for you without any additional risks, you could find that the more subdued effects of delta-8-THC effects are more to your liking. You can get your hands on delta 8 THC in the form of gummies and sweets, but if you like to smoke, you can also find it in the shape of carts and sprayed flowers.

Alternately, our premium CBD flower can be mixed with your delta-9-THC and pharmaceutical drug to create a unique and personalized high with some health benefits too. Many of our clients like smoking their unicorns in this fashion to gain medical benefits at the same time.