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Since Mother’s Day has passed, it’s now time to celebrate the amazing dads and father figures in your life. And what better way to honor your father than with some “dad grass”, otherwise known as legal weed. Yes, we’re talking about Delta 8 THC. If there’s one thing you can give your dad this Father’s Day, it’s the gift of ultimate relief and utter euphoria. Because your dad is cool. He has great taste in whiskey. He can rock out the piano solo of “Stairway to Heaven”. He tells the corniest dad jokes that you can’t help but laugh at. He’s the type of dude that shoots you straight. And he knows a thing or two about cannabis. But why Delta 8 THC? What makes Delta 8 better than all the other THC variants?

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Benefits of Delta 8 THC for Dad

We all know that neckties, cartoon underwear, socks, and baseball caps are the typical go-to products for Father’s day gift guides, but those all seem cliché, boring, and last minute.

Then you have those more unique dad gifts like magnetic tool wristbands, fancy shavers, and hot sauce subscription boxes, but they often fall short of their descriptions and seem more gimmicky than anything.

But here’s the thing… Dad’s are usually the last ones in the family to indulge in self care. But just like moms, your dad needs a good night's sleep.

In fact, with all that handiwork he’s been doing around the house, we’re sure he could use some much needed relief from muscle tension and pain.

And let’s not forget that even superheroes, like your dad, face stress, anxiety, and even depression at times.

You see, traditional Delta 9 THC can often cause paranoia and anxious feelings, especially when someone consumes too much. But high quality Delta 8 THC is much more subtle and soothing. Many users report feeling less anxious and zero paranoia while on Delta 8 [¹,³]].

And that’s not all… Studies have revealed that Delta 8 offers pretty impressive anti-nausea and anti-vomiting properties [²].

But not all Delta 8 gummies can deliver those therapeutic properties. If you really want to make sure your daddy-o experiences all that Delta edibles have to offer, you have to buy Delta 8 from reputable brands.

Which brings us to…

Delta Remedys for Father’s Day

We’re not gonna lie… all of us at Delta Remedys have some pretty flippin’ awesome dads. And while neckties, fancy shavers, and magnetic tool wristbands might seem like a good Father’s Day gift, none of these gifts really address what your dad likely needs the most right now: men’s self care.

You see, Delta 8 gummies not only satisfy your old man’s sweet tooth; they offer tremendous medicinal properties that your dad could truly benefit from.

And here at Delta Remedys, we take a lot of pride in how we create our irresistible and highly effective Delta 8 gummies.

We focus on sustainable cultivation, clean extraction methods, quality ingredients, and rigorous testing practices.

Our Delta 8 gummies were created with your dad in mind, because we made them for our dads as well.

So ditch those boring neckties and gimmicky tool gadgets, and give your pops what he really deserves… Dad weed edibles, also known as Delta 8 THC gummies.

Feel free to reach out to our Delta Remedys team for any questions or concerns. We’re always happy to help. Oh, and Happy Father’s Day to all those awesome dads and father figures out there!


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